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The Canada China Resource Development Foundation (“CCRDF”) is a non-profit organization formally approved by the Canadian Federal government as well as the Chinese government.

Our mission is to encourage and facilitate investment partnerships between Canada and China in the resource and energy sectors. As an action-oriented and focused organization, the CCRDF’s mandate is to provide extensive aid and support however deemed appropriate to help facilitate increased Sino-Canadian business resource trade partnerships in areas such as mining, agriculture, lumber, fishing, and energy.

With a collaborative platform under which both public sector and industry professionals can exchange expertise and practices, the CCRDF aims to advise as well as guide businesses toward better understandings of applicable Sino-Canadian business laws, practices, public relations and financial environments, thereby mitigating risks, broadening social networks, public relations and Sino-Canadian cultural exchange.

Due to the diversity and complications of the current world market, cultural misunderstandings and misinterpretations can occur either from political, cultural, or communication factors. The CCRDF actively provides communication and support toward resolving any such conflicts, enabling innovative solutions that will push Sino-Canadian businesses to new heights of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The CCRDF also works closely with Aboriginal businesses and self-government agencies from Canada that seek resource sector business and trade opportunities with China. And also to connect Chinese investors who want to partner with Canadian First Nations involved in natural resource of energy projects.

On an ongoing basis, the CCRDF will also strive to increase the number and viability long term Sino-Canadian resource development continuum projects through the dissemination of better information, events and projects conducive to bettering resource investment and trade between the two countries.